About BugTracker.NET

BugTracker.NET is a free, open-source, web-based bug tracking and general purpose issue tracking application. It is in daily use by thousands of development, customer support, and help desk teams around the world.

BugTracker.NET is easy to install and learn how to use. When you first install it, it is very simple and you can start using it right away. Later, you can change its configuration to handle your needs if they are more complex.

BugTracker.NET is written using ASP.NET, C#, uses the .NET 4.x Framework, and Microsoft SQL Server (or its free cousin, SQL Server Express).

Attention!. Please check out my new app Budoco

Budoco is BUgTracker.NET on DOtnet COre.

I started writing BugTracker.NET in 2001. As of 2020, BugTracker.NET still works fine using the latest versions of Windows, SQL Server, and the .NET 4 framework. However, BugTracker.NET can NOT run on the .NET 5, aka, the cross platform "Dotnet Core" 5. But don't panic! Microsoft has a great track record of keeping old stuff alive.

Budoco has, or will have, the best 80% of BugTracker.NET's features. It is built on .NET Core 5 and uses PostgreSQL instead of MS SQL Server. It runs on Linux as well as Windows.

Corey Trager, Nov 25, 2020
BugTracker. NET Feature Highlights
For detailed info about features, see the documentation. Here are some feature highlights:
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If you need a bug tracking system that is flexible and simple at the same time, this is the one.
Lots of features, intuitive UI, powerful filtering function, highly configurable
Easy to install, Easy to use, extremely powerfull features.
This is excellent. Deployed and works in minutes. Easy to customize
It's easy to install and get running but allows you a good degree of customization when you're ready.
There are so many bug tracking apps with tons of features and more. After spending a few days like 50 man hours testing them, we finally choose bugtracker.net for is simplicity. Strength: simple, it just works
BugTracker.NET is a very flexible, powerful and easily configured bug/task tracking tool...I checked out other tracker systems too, such as Redmine and Mantis. While both of those tools were also very good, I found BugTracker was more suited to my personal requirements...Highly recommended!
Simply fantastic, nice clean interface no bloat.
Flexible, easy to use, and user-friendly tracker.
If you aren't using this for bug/issue tracking, you should be! It's better than any paid system I have seen, hands down.

Good Luck!
Corey Trager