Corey Trager's Website

Corey stuff

BugTracker.NET - A bug tracker I wrote almost 20 years ago that some folks are still using
Budoco - A new lighter weight rewrite of BugTracker.NET using Dotnet COre 5.
Music performances from the past - Not bad!
Corey playing violin - Not good!
Chicago Classical Chamber Music Players - A group that I organize.

Little coding toys:

Metronome.html - a pretty decent metronome implemented as a single html file
Drone Tones - to help with violin intonation - single html file
Pitch Detector - helps you play violin (etc) in tune
Motion Detector - use your webcam to detect motion - single html file

Abi stuff - Abi's website
Pull Panda - he built this
Abi at Github conference
Github acquires Pull Panda

Isaac stuff

Isaac Noda's website
Isaac $STDOUT rap channel - funny tech raps
Isaac the coder/rapper being interviewed