I created the page and java applet below back in 1996. Back then this little Java applet was considered way cool, the 47th best applet in the world, according to You can read a review of Choo-Choo-CAD - that I will cherish forever - originally posted at

I guess that was my 15 minutes of fame. It's pathetic how I still cling to the memory of it.

The Premisys Corporation, mentioned below, no longer exists. It was bought by JD Edwards, then JD Edwards was bought by Peoplesoft, then most folks were fired, then Peoplesoft was bought by Oracle, and who knows what happened.


Corey's Choo-Choo-CAD

Choo-Choo-CAD is a little diversion meant to demonstrate the specialty of The Premisys Corporation: creating specialized CAD software.

The tracks in Choo-Choo-CAD are not merely blocks of lines and arcs. Rather, they are "intelligent" graphical counterparts to real-world tracks. They "know" they are tracks and they behave like tracks. For example, they won't allow themselves to be attached to the end of a track which already has received another track, they know when they form a closed loop, etc.

The Premisys Corporation has created somewhat more serious customized CAD systems for GE Medical Systems, Honeywell, IBM, Marvin Windows and Doors, Trane Corporation, Comsat, and others.

How to Choo-Choo

  • Press "Demo" to see what you can do using Choo-Choo-CAD.
  • To move a track, click near its midpoint, then drag the track.
  • To rotate a track, click near either endpoint, then move the mouse either clockwise or counter-clockwise around the other endpoint.
  • A red circle means that the track is not connected with another track.
  • A green circle means that the track is connected.
  • Switches are a little bit tricky. You can't run the train until you have created a layout which returns you to the track where you started in the same direction you started. (You don't have to use all the track.)

Java source in zip format.

Please use the source for Good, not for Evil. And don't forget to mention my name.