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    Phone integration   [back to contents]

    BugTracker.NET can be used to record phone calls as bugs. A simple version of the feature works like this: A person calls a number that belongs to you and is greeted by your customized greeting. Your customized greeting might be something like, "Welcome to Acme Company Answer Center. Please record your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible". The caller then records his problem. Within seconds, a new bug is posted in BugTracker.NET with a .wav file attachment that is a sound recording of the call and a text attachment that is a transcription of the call.

    This feature is not free. It depends on the web-based voice API provided by Tropo. Tropo will charge you about 3 cents per call. It's Tropo that will issue you the phone number and Tropo's API that produces the transcript. Like Google Voice transcriptions, some are more accurate then others.

    This feature requires some setup work by me. There's a one-time $400 charge for setup which includes customization of your greeting message. Contact me (Corey Trager) at ctrager@yahoo.com if you are interested in setting up this feature. You can do a lot more than this with Tropo and I'm available to help you with the work.

    Corey Trager