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    What Others are Saying about BugTracker.NET...

    "I discovered this little gem called BugTracker.NET. If I had time to write such a project I would probably have written it this way. Itís free and open source, configurable to the smallest details without recompiling and works on IIS and SQL database, itís written in ASP.NET and itís easy to read. I fell in love immediately."  [link]

    "BugTracker.NET is a great, open source variant that looks to me to be heavily inspired by FogBugz. If you need a quick free windows bug tracker - or even if you're considering FogBugz - you should check it out."  [link]

    "I love BugTracker.NET and I believe its the ideal solution for teams that are looking for an opensource alternative to cost-oriented issue trackers"  [link]

    "...the basic feature set and philosophy is a good one...fairly easy to set up, the basics just work immediately, additional features take some work but aren't a necessity to getting started...a good working solution, simple and well-designed...an impressive project that is worthy of deployment in professional environments where high-end solutions would be too heavy-weight for users as well as administrators..."  [link]

    "I found it dead simple to setup, and our testers have taken to it with virtually no training...It has a very intuitive interface for generating lists of bugs based on pretty much any criteria...BugTracker.NET turned out to be one of the simplest development tools to install and use that I've ever come across. Just plug it in and it works."  [link]

    "This is an extremely well designed system...as soon as you find you want to make the system behave according to your needs, thatís when these features come into play, and what excellent features they are...itís a real pleasure to use...this is the best Ďopen sourceí, web based, bug/issue tracking application available."  [link]

    "We use BugTracker.net and are generally quite happy with it. Dead easy to set up, runs on windows, plenty of customisation of categories and status possible, uses a sql server backend, (and works with sql server express), and easy to restyle with css to match your companies brand if you need to..."  [link]

    "We've used Bugtracker daily for the past eight months. It's intuitive, has tons of features and does a great job for our team...It's highly configurable, especially if your TSQL skills are average..."  [link]

    "Recently I downloaded BugTracker.NET, an excellent ASP.NET/C#/SQL Server open-source bug tracker. Set up was very simple - just read the README file! I really like how flexible BugTracker.NET is."  [link]

    "Great app, not too big, not too small...It's just the right size.. works great, just what the doctor ordered."  [link]

    "I would recommend it, because it is easy to install, easy enough to use, does most things I can think you would want a bug tracking piece of software to do, and because it is free you don't need to justify the price to managers"  [link]

    "It does what my clients expect, after a really quick setup. I turn up, say 'What do you use to track bugs?', they say 'Nothing', I install, it, then spend an hour figuring out with the client what we want out of it, and customizing as we go."  [link]

    "I looked through many of the commercial and open source systems available and finally settled on BugTracker.NET...I am definitely happy with my decision. The system is very feature rich, especially in the email notifications area. But the part that I like about it the most is its flexibility. My bosses wanted tons of different changes done to it when I first demoed the app to them. Amazingly 99% of the changes didn't require me to write any code."  [link]

    "If you have a small team of devs who work on a tight budget project where you canít use Jira? This is THE bug tracker software I would choose. I love the integratinon with SVN."  [link]

    "BugTracker.Net has been solid for my group."  [link]

    "Simple to set up and configure, easy to learn and use defect/issue tracker"  [link]

    "It has a very intuitive UI, easy to setup and not overloaded with functionality. Good choice I think"  [link]

    "We're an MS shop and we've got SQL Server licenses coming out of the wazoo for some reason, so I'll find a good bug tracking system written in .NET that uses SQL Server, and that is also free or extraordinarily cheap. I had almost given up hope when I came across this: BugTracker.NET. It's not the most original name in the world, granted, but it is quite Mantis-sy, and I had it up and running in about half an hour..."  [link]

    "MS doesn't have any (decently priced, getting tired of typing that) bug tracking tools. We use BugTracker.NET and it's simple and effective."  [link]

    "I have been using BugTracker.NET for a long time. Free, made in .NET, to the point, very flexible query system. Suites my need beautifully."  [link]

    "Have a look at BugTracker.NET. After a few minor tweaks, it has been serving us well."  [link]

    "I spent some time looking for a better solution and came across BugTracker.NET...The interface is basic and uncluttered and the system isn't overburdened with unnecessary (to me, anyways) features and functions...I highly recommend having a look at the system if you have a Windows server lying around.  [link]

    "This is a great application - I've been using it in a production environment for 3 years now and have really become comfortable with the stability"  [link]

    "Excellent. Really, just a great job on this app. I had it up and running in minutes. Perfect for a small team to track bugs/issues, etc. I especially like the POP3 integration that gives the ability to submit a bug via email."  [link]

    "I use BugTracker.Net. The email integration is simply killer."  [link]

    "I'd like to put a vote in for BugTracker.NET. It's written in C#, Open Source, integrates with Subversion, and best of all it's simple."  [link]

    "Wow! i love BugTracker.NET free, quick to setup and powerful. Installation + setup took less than 30mins, and testers are busy now."  [link]

    "My Recommendation: BugTracker.NET...It took me two weeks after setting it up to actually get the team of 10 using the system. Now, I believe they couldn't live without it."  [link]

    "We are using the bug tracker which rocks...Much needed, useful software that's brought a better process to our operations."  [link]

    "Super search feature...a great app. We have been using it without fault for several months."  [link]

    "I use BugTracker.NET for my "moonlighting" projects because it's simple and easy to use. Most of my clients are total computer novices and they all like how intuitive it is to enter and modify the bugs, yet it has mutli-client & multi-project security roles (I can see everything, but each client can only see things on a client and/or project basis)."  [link]

    "Ich dieses Tool liebgewonnen. Flexibel, simpel, schnell, kein Wartungsaufwand."  [link]

    "If you're looking for a bug tracking system or ticket system, this is one of the best I've ever used (free or paid)"

    "It's easy to install and get running but allows you a good degree of customization when you're ready"

    "Highly recommended - simple and highly effective. Adding a bug report literally takes only seconds. The user interface is very simplistic looking, but I know from experience that it takes a lot of careful work to make something seem this simple. The result is that most of our company is now using BugTracker, whereas we never could get them to use the much more complicated (and expensive!) commercial system we had tried before"

    "Great app and easy to extend."


    Corey Trager