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    BugTracker.NET related links:

    Bug Shooting

    Bug Shooting a screenshot utility that works great with BugTracker.NET. It has more features than the one I wrote, but it's not free.


    CKEditor (formerly FCKEditor) is the free, open-source rich-text editor embedded in BugTracker.NET.


    Inedo BuildMaster is a tool for continuous integration and build/deployment/release automation and management that integrates with BugTracker.NET.


    Lucene.NET is the free, open-source full-text search engine embedded in BugTracker.NET.


    Mercurial is a free open source version control system that works great with BugTracker.NET


    Not really related, but the website I usually go to when I have programming questions.


    Subversion is a free open source version control system that works great with BugTracker.NET.


    TestRail is comprehensive web-based test case management software that can be that supports test management integration with BugTracker.NET.


    Testuff is an on-demand service for managing and executing manual software tests and for reporting defects that integrates with BugTracker.NET


    Tropo is a web-based voice/phone API. BugTracker.NET uses it for phone intergration

    Windows Developer Power Tools

    From O'Reilly, an encyclopedic guide to more than 170 free and open source programming tools, with a chapter on BugTracker.NET

    Catching unhandled exceptions and sending them to BugTracker.NET

    A how-to article with code by Malisa Ncube

    Corey Trager