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Trac's LDAP integration

by Corey Trager 1. February 2008 21:54

My last post dealt with LDAP integration, what that means, the different degrees of LDAP configuration.  Trac's LDAP configuration (below) goes a lot farther than Jira's.   With Trac there's a new concept which I didn't see in the other configurations - having dedicated attributes related to the tracker stashed in LDAP.     I'm referring to "tracperm".    But what's the point of that?   Why store something specific to Trac in LDAP when there is already a place in Trac to store it?   I'm just asking, wondering about the thinking behind it.
One of my co-workers, when first hearing about my bug tracker said that a bug tracker is a rather simple app, but when you throw in integration with email, version control, LDAP, IDE's, API's and all the support for customization, then it starts to be not so simple...



3/3/2008 6:52:52 PM #

Why store it in LDAP? For consistency, perhaps. If you're able to store everything in one place, makes your management easier. If you've got other programs that all look at your LDAP backend, then centralised management is golden.

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